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Somewhere in the wilderness, an eccentric millionaire has buried $50 million worth of bearer bonds, gold, historic artifacts and art treasures. 

You’re going to hunt for it, from the comfort of your own homes. 

There are a lot of other people also searching for the treasure, too. Work with them for more clues, but don’t trust them. If they get the treasure first, they get millions of dollars. Second place gets nothing.

Based on a true story.

Eccentric Millionaire is an online game of logical deduction and social deception. One player acts as the host and organizer of the game. They will also play the role of the Eccentric Millionaire. The other players take on the role of treasure hunters. The game is played online, through chat systems like Discord or Slack, and via online map tools like Google Maps. Gameplay takes place over days or weeks, as the treasure hunters uncover more clues and zero in on the location of the treasure. Eventually, one player will find the treasure and win the game.

The host player secretly selects a location, using Google Maps or similar online mapping system. The other players compete to try to guess the secret location. 

Treasure hunter players roleplay as people working to solve the eccentric millionaire’s riddles and find the hidden treasure. Each treasure hunter belongs to two groups, one based on background and one based on motivation. Each round of the game, all hunters with the same background will learn one clue and all hunters with the same motivation will learn a different clue. 

If you have a gang of francophone treasure hunters, you may also be interested in Le Millionnaire Excentriquewhich is this same game, translated into French by Nicolas "Gulix" Ronvel.


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How man players is this? I assume best played with 3 or more? (already including the host)

I think it really works better with more people than that, ideally 10 or more players. When we tried with 6 players, it worked but wasn't quite enough people. 

Hi Nick! I was wondering, as I set up a Discord channel for a game, I'd like to have a stickied post with some rules/regs/info. Is it OK to copy/paste your text directly, or would you prefer that I rewrite/rephrase the info? Thanks!


You're absolutely allowed to. As long as you give some credit, so that users know who wrote the text, then I'm fine with you copying and pasting chunks. If you post vast swathes of the game text, then make sure you include the Creative Commons license and credit that are found at the end of the document.  I'm not going to sue any human being over this game, though.

Awesome, thanks! I will absolutely include your info and the CC info as well!


I love this! There's one thing I'm left unclear on after reading it, though: at what stage are the clues invented, and who does that? A few examples would help clarify a lot.

Is it like, treasure hunter asks question, EM secretly answers yes or no, treasure hunter invents clue that explains in-game how they learned that fact?

The EM has primary responsibility for this narration. But in practice, either the EM or the treasure hunter can describe things. Just as when you're playing other RPGs, sometimes the GM describes what happens when a PC attacks a goblin, sometimes the player does. Probably different groups will find different ways that they think are comfortable: some favoring the EM as storyteller, some the other players, some treating this as purely a guessing game and not an RPG at all, so having very few fictionalized details. I think that all should be fine, so long as everyone's on the same page.