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We are all believers of a fringe religious movement, centered around a prophetic figure. Our prophet has foretold that the world is going to end on this very night. They have gathered us, and only us, together to meet the apocalypse. They have chosen us because they know that we truly believe their prophecies.

Our prophet is wrong. No apocalypse is coming. what will you do when the prophecy fails to come true?

When Prophecy Fails is a Descended From the Queen game about a fringe religious movement and how believers face a reality that doesn't match their worldview. It's loosely inspired by the classic work of social psychology of the same title.

To play, you'll need 2-7 players (no GM) and 1-3 hours. you'll need to print and assemble the cards for the game. (I suggest printing them 6 or 8 to a page, then trimming them down and putting them in card sleeves with old CCG cards you don't use any more.) You'll also want 6-10 images of potential prophets to follow, which you can easily find by searching for "psychic" on various stock photography websites.

The game incorporates the X-card, created by John Stavropolous.

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